Political Theory

On some of the most common understandings of “anarchism” and “the political,” the phrase “anarchist political theory” ought to be redundant (of course, according to another popular definition, it ought to be oxymoronic). Thus, it’s terrifically difficult to draw any useful boundaries around “anarchist political theory” as a subject area. Nonetheless, there seems to be a shared desire to draw up some list(s) of the most useful, important, and/or persuasive statements of anarchism as a political philosophy. This list ought to be read in conjunction with many of the others and there is much overlap between them. The professionalisation of anarchist studies may bring clearer conventional distinctions between the subject areas, but this may ultimately be to the detriment of the richness of anarchist thought.

Anarchist Political Philosophy: Some Major Statements

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Anarchist Political Philosophy: Analyses and Exegeses

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Personal reflections on anarchism and the political

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Works of Political Philosophy With Affinities to Anarchism

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Significant Critiques of Anarchism

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