Journals and Books Series

== acronia. Studies of the history of anarchism and radical movements ==

Studies in the history of anarchism have in recent years seen the emergence of new generations of scholars, who have significantly recast the fields of research they cover and the methodological stances they assume. These new researches have shown that the history of anarchism, and of radical movements in general, is very far from being marginal. Indeed, what it offers is a wealth of themes to be explored, and disciplinary approaches to be addressed. ACRONIA

== anarchist studies ==

Is an inter- and multi-disciplinary journal of anarchism research, which has been publishing novel, refreshing and provocative arguments for over twenty years. The journal publishes original research on the history, culture, theory and practice of anarchism, as well as reviews of recent work published in the field. ANARCHIST STUDIES

== EMMA – culture e pensieri libertari ==

Every six months EMMA selects analyzes, interpretations, materials and stories to reflect, tell and understand the complexity of societies. Borrowing the name from Emma Goldman, an anarchist with a lucid and sharp gaze who was able to decipher her time and foresee its drifts, EMMA aims to give space to sensibility and libertarian gazes, to struggles against domination and authoritarianisms, placing herself in the goal of trying, in its small way, to make a contribution to social change. EMMA

== Contemporary Anarchist Studies ==

Promotes the study of anarchism as a framework for understanding and acting on the most pressing problems of our times. The series publishes cutting-edge, socially engaged scholarship from around the world – bridging theory and practice, academic rigor and the insights of contemporary activism. CONTEMPORANY ANARCHIST STUDIES

== perspectives on anarchist theory journal ==

Perspectives on anarchist theory journal is published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies. PERSPECTIVES