Welcome! This is the official website for the Anarchist Studies Network,Political Studies Association (UK), Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism.

The Anarchist Studies Network is a support network for people working on, or incorporating in their work, the field of anarchism in its many forms. We encourage the study of anarchism within academia by building links between scholars across subject areas, as well as groups located outside the official sphere of academia, including those formed for activism and public intellectual life. We support people in collaborating and create an inclusive space to share ideas, thoughts, and research. We also aim to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue between anarchists and other scholars.

ASN hosts a variety of events and activities. The biennial Anarchist Studies Network conference is our flagship event which attracts people from all over the world. The conference is a focal point for many scholars to share new research, present ideas or simply meet like-minded people in convivial settings. The conference actively supports early-career or underfunded participants with grants and is committed to working on inclusion and dismantling structures of power within the space. We also organise smaller workshops and research activities lead by our members, notably through the PSA’s annual conferences. Our members actively contribute to an informal blog for more accessible anarchist writings and share knowledge and best practice through online discussions.


Jordi Maiz Chacon, medieval history, economics, social minorities and historiography (UNED Balearic Islands)

Laurence Davis, political theory, ideology (University College Cork)

Benjamin Franks, political theory, applied ethics, social research (University of Glasgow)

Alex Prichard, political theory, international relations theory (University of Exeter)

Thomas Swann, organisational cybernetics (Loughborough University)

Elizabeth Vasileva, political philosophy, postanarchism, ethics (Free University Brighton)

To join this group, and to be signed up to the group’s email list, please contact the membership secretary Benjamin Franks: benjamin.franks@glasgow.ac.uk.

ASN members receive a £5 discount on the academic journal Anarchist Studies. Just ask Benjamin for more details.

Check out our Facebook page, the Anarchist Studies blog and the Anarchist Research Group (ARG) on Twitter and YouTube.